LISS panel access

The LISS panel consists of about 4,500 households, comprising of about 7,000 individuals. It is based on a true probability sample of households drawn from the population register by CBS.

Employees of ODISSEI member organisations receive a discount when using the LISS panel for collecting new data or conducting experiments. Please contact Boukje Cuelenaere, head of department Survey Research at CentERdata, for more information.

Call Collect data in the LISS panel

In 2019 for the second time, every researcher affiliated to one of the ODISSEI member organisations can submit a proposal to collect data in the LISS Panel. There is budget available for five projects with each a net response of 2,500 respondents and 15 minutes of panel time, which implies about 40 question items for simple (‘yes/no’) questions. In case more respondents are requested or needed, required panel time needs to be cut down.

Please read the guidelines and use the online form (on the right) to apply for this call before 15 September 2019, 23:59h.

Previous call

In 2018, nine projects were awarded free time time in the LISS panel. There were 31 applications, suggesting great interest in this data collection method. The committee that evaluated the 2018 applications consisted of the following members: Wouter van der Brug, Peer Scheepers, Arthur van Soest, Ineke Stoop and Rolf van der Velden.