Continuation Microdata Regulation 2018

In the fourth quarter of 2017, as a pilot ODISSEI made a remuneration available to its participants that made use of CBS microdata during that quarter. ODISSEI participants received a discount of 50% on the costs for projects executed via CBS’s remote access facility. The Regulation is designed for research projects funded by first or second flow of funds.

41 research project signed up for this pilot, worth together almost €70.000. ODISSEI finances almost €35.000 of this amount. The pilot was evaluated positively and the Microdata Regulation will be continued in 2018 on a regular basis with a reserved budget of €75.000 per quarter. This means there’s room for growth with new projects or new ODISSEI participants using CBS microdata. Researchers must register their projects themselves to qualify for the Microdata Regulation.