Analysing social network of the Netherlands

Jan van der Laan, Edwin de Jonge, Marjolijn Das (CBS)

In this pilot project, which will be completed early 2019, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is examining the social networks of the Dutch. CBS records relationships such as family ties, relationships at work, through schools and in neighbourhoods of every individual registered in the Netherlands.

This has created a huge dataset, which CBS can only analyse on a small, regional scale using their own technological facilities. The ODISSEI Secure Supercomputer (OSSC) enables data analysis at the national level. This involves 16.9 million nodes, interconnected by 39 billion links, i.e. an average of 1,800 links per head. The case study focusses on community detection: identifying groups of people that are more strongly connected with each other than with others, for example those who send their children to the same school, or those who intermarry. Subsequently, the impact of strongly interconnected groups on segregation and social capital will be examined.

Presentation CBS-pilot (2 October 2018) (pdf)