Understanding concerns of using algorithmic decision making systems

Project in LISS Call 2018
Researchers: R. Müller, B. Aysolmaz (Maastricht University)

Today, algorithmic decision making (ADM) services, including machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, have become a vital part of our daily lives, while their use causes a continuous debate and tension. Public perception is seen to be the determiner of the progress and future of ADM services. Explanations are key to develop a positive perception and build trust in the public. Even if technical explanations can be developed for certain algorithms, it is not clear if these explanations can be interpreted by individuals and their concerns can be overcome.

This study aims to fill in this gap in the literature by investigating the concerns and behaviours of individuals on ADM services and their use, and how those concerns can be addressed through proper explanations. The researchers will use a survey to collect data on participants’ knowledge and concerns about using ADM services, including fairness, accountability, privacy, and transparency concerns, and their intention to use. The results will be used to investigate the change in users’ intention when there is explanation about the services. 2500 respondents form the LISS panel will participate in this study.

Image: Mike MacKenzie via Flickr CC BY 2.0