Systematic Income Risk

This project has received an ODISSEI Microdata Access Grant (MAG) in 2020.

Project applicant: Giuseppe Floccari (TiSEM).

Project abstract

This project plans to document a set of new facts about the income risk that Dutch households are exposed to and to study its effects on their portfolio choice and savings behavior. On the one hand, the researchers will document a set of key facts about the evolution of the income distribution and the characteristics of the income risk households face, investigating how systematic income risk varies across age groups, gender, recent earnings and occupation. Next, they will study how systematic income risk is related to household portfolio choice, and how it affects the riskiness and liquidity of household portfolios.

Furthermore, the project plans to produce a rich set of statistics about the joint distribution of income and wealth in the Netherlands and its evolution in the last 15 years. This should help calibrating structural models of portfolio choice and of saving behaviour, which aim to provide quantitative results and conterfactual policy analysis regarding e.g. taxation, redistribution policies, fiscal transfers.

Conducting research with CBS microdata

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) collects a wide range of data for its statistical tasks, many of them microdata at the level of individual persons or organisations. Protection of the confidentiality of the data has the highest priority for CBS. Within strict safety conditions however, universities and other authorized research institutes can get Remote Access to such data to perform statistical analyses for their own scientific or statistical purposes. The microdata themselves remain strictly within a secure environment within CBS. Under applicable conditions researcher can also bring in additional dataset to be linked with CBS microdata. Before aggregate statistical results are exported from the secured environment, CBS will check whether these results do not contain any risk for disclosure of information on individual persons or organisations.

Read more about using microdata within the CBS Remote Access Environment.

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash.