LISS Grant awarded to nine researchers

The results of the LISS Grant 2020 are in. Proposals from nine researchers at ODISSEI member organisations were awarded the grant. Via the grant, the researchers will get access to free panel time. The LISS panel, managed by CentERdata, gives researchers access to survey data from about 7,000 respondents from approximately 4,500 households.

The following projects were awarded:

Project TitleApplicants
Households’ consumption and time use behavior before and after the Covid19-pandemic Jim Been (Leiden University), Eduard Suari-Andreu (Leiden University)
Support and sanctions for social assistance benefits recipients: what are Dutch citizens’ preferences?Marion Collewet (Leiden University), Roselinde Kessels (Maastricht University), Marike Knoef (Leiden University)
Policy Experimentation AversionRobert Dur (Erasmus University), Benedetta Ricci (Erasmus University)
How we eat: an inventory of consumption settings and their effect on diet and health Floor van Meer (Leiden University), Lotte van Dillen (Leiden University), Frank de Vos (Leiden University)
Valuation uncertainty: Explaining the WTA-WTP gap and their lack of correlation Jianying Qiu (Radboud University), Sara Arts (Radboud University), Songfa Zhong (National University of Singapore)
Explaining global citizenship Lau Schulpen (Radboud University), Simon Kuijpers-Heezemans (Radboud University)
From perceptions to behaviour? Examining knowledge barriers to formal childcare usage among Dutch parents Verena Seibel (University of Groningen), Mara Yerkes (Utrecht University)
Poor benefits. The role of financial stress in the non-take-up of social welfare. Olaf Simonse (Leiden University), Wilco van Dijk (Leiden University), Lotte van Dillen (Leiden University)
Communicating personalized health information: What works best for whom?Ruben Vromans (Tilburg University), Emiel Krahmer (Tilburg University), Steffen Pauws (Tilburg University)

Earlier this year, ODISSEI put out the LISS-corona call, for which there were 43 applications. The LISS-call 2020 attracted 29 applications. The amount of applications shows substantial interest in using the LISS panel for data collection.

The next LISS call will likely open in the Spring of 2021.

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