CBS Microdata Information Event – 23 March

Would you like more information on the possibilities of working with CBS microdata? On Tuesday, 23 March from 14:00 to 16:00, ODISSEI is organising a CBS Microdata Information Event that also serves as the Microdata Access Grant Kick-off. During this event, a variety of speakers will give an introduction to researchers who want to work with microdata, both those who consider applying for the Microdata Access Grant and those who do not wish to apply now, but who want to hear more about working with CBS microdata. Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. Questions about the grant application procedure can be posed in the general Q&A at the end of the programme.

Find more information about using CBS microdata and the 2021 Microdata Acccess Grant (MAG) call on the Microdata Access webpage.

You can still register for the event by emailing


14.00-14.05: Microdata Access Grant introduction –  Kasia Karpinska (ODISSEI Scientific Manager). 

14.05-14.35: Conducting research with CBS microdata collection – Hilde van Oirschot (CBS Accountmanager Microdataservices). In this presentation, Van Oirschot will give an introduction to the CBS microdata, present the catalogue and available datasets, and the options of combining the microdata with survey data. Finally, the official procedures to work with microdata will be discussed.

14.35-15.05: Recent research with microdata: ‘The costs of each disease’ – Daniel Karpati (Tilburg University, 2020 MAG recipient). Karpati will present the research that he is currently conducting with CBS microdata. Find the abstract below. 

15.05-15.20: Microdata research with the ODISSEI Social Data Science Team (SoDa). The ODISSEI Social Data Science (SoDa) team has been founded to support social scientists with the computational and statistical expertise needed to answer research questions using novel methods and data. The team will highlight what it can do for you in developing and executing your microdata project. 

15.20-15.30: Analysing CBS microdata with the ODISSEI Secure Supercomputer –  Kasia Karpinska (ODISSEI Scientific Manager)The ODISSEI Secure Supercomputer is a high-performance environment suitable for analysing highly sensitive data, such as microdata. In this presentation, Karpinska will shortly describe the type of research that can be executed in the OSSC. 

15.30: General Q&A on the Microdata Access Grant application procedure and using CBS microdata

“The costs of each disease” – Abstract:

 Julio Crego, Daniel Karpati, Jens Kvaerner and Luc Renneboog

Health is a key driver of saving decisions and labor market outcomes due to its effects on mortality, wages, medical expenditures and the ability to work. The unavailability of large-scale household-level data on health has prevented researchers from identifying the relative importance of these four channels on financial decision making. For this project, the researchers use administrative microdata provided by Statistics Netherlands, including data on specialist medical care, labor supply, household balance sheets and demographics for a subset of the working Dutch population. The dataset covers more than 250 distinct diagnoses from ten medical specialties, affecting 2.2 million people. The researchers identify the causal effects of each diagnosis on the above four risk factors in difference-in-differences models, where they exploit the quasi-random timing of the diagnosis among people who were eventually diagnosed in the 2013-2017 period. Then in a cross-diagnosis setting they compare the estimated risk factors with people’s savings choices and labor market decisions.

Photo: MG Fotografie – Michel Groen