New call Netherlands eScience Center Grants

The Netherlands eScience Center opens two new calls for proposals: the Open eScience call and the Collaboration in Innovative Technologies call. 

The Open eScience call offers researchers in-kind investment consisting of hours worked by Research Software Engineers (RSEs) from the eScience Center. The RSEs will work together with the successful applicants to improve or build research software, as integral members of the research team. 

The Open eScience call is also open to social scientists. Applicants can apply for an early career project, with the value of one person year of RSE time (1,620 hours), or a spearhead project, with two person years per project. Those who wish to apply for RSE time, but who have a smaller project to work on that requires fewer RSE hours, should be aware that ODISSEI and the eScience Center will open a call in June for smaller projects in the social sciences. In this call, researchers will be able to apply for a project that requires three person months of RSE time. The main applicant of this eScience Center ODISSEI call needs to be employed by an ODISSEI member organisation.

The other eScience Center call, for Collaboration in Innovative Technologies, ‘seeks to transform highly innovative, fundamental knowledge from computer science into applied technologies’. The call is specifically aimed at researchers from a technical discipline who want to make their research applicable to other disciplines. 

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