ODISSEI Lunch Lecture: ODISSEI & Computational Social Science

On Thursday 23 September from 12:00 to 13:00, the first ODISSEI Lunch Lecture of this academic year will take place online. Dr. Tom Emery (ODISSEI and Erasmus University Rotterdam) will give a lecture on advances in computational social science.

We warmly invite you to attend this online lecture, to learn more about ODISSEI and computational social science, and to participate in the Q&A and discussion after the lecture. Read more about the lecture below and register via the button.

Computational Social Science is often used as a buzzword rather than actually signifying a ‘new way’ of doing social science. This lunch lecture aims to cut through the hype to give a working definition of computational social sciences, an overview of recent developments in the field and how ODISSEI seeks to build on these developments. 

At the heart of Computational Social Sciences is the use of computationally intensive infrastructure, data and methods to better understand the complexity of social behaviour. This could include collecting data in more complex settings such as mass online experiments, linking multiple diverse data sources together to create high dimensional data, processing large amounts of unstructured data in order to find a signal in the noise, or innovations in the way researchers collaborate and conduct research. Examples demonstrating the new opportunities in computational social science will be discussed from across the globe and from various areas of social science.

There will be specific attention given to how, in the five years since its launch, ODISSEI has supported these developments in the unique context of the Dutch Data Landscape, and how it will look to do so over the next five years. 

Tom Emery is Deputy Director of ODISSEI and Associate Professor in the Department of Public Administration and Sociology of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He was previously the Deputy Director of the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP) at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute in The Hague. Emery gained a PhD in Social Policy from the University of Edinburgh in 2014 and his thesis examined the interaction between financial support between elderly parents and their adult children in a number of European countries. His research also covers questions of comparative survey methodology and policy measurements in multilevel contexts.

About the ODISSEI Lunch Lectures Series

The ODISSEI Lunch Lectures highlight methodological issues and innovations in Social Science. The Lunch Lecture following this one will be on 26 October. Click here to view.

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