New E-data: Five year anniversary ODISSEI

In October, the new edition of E-data & Research has been published. This edition features an interview with scientific director Pearl Dykstra regarding ODISSEI’s five-year anniversary. Dykstra discusses the developments ODISSEI has seen the past five year. This also includes the successes, such as the launch of the ODISSEI Secure Supercomputer (OSSC). ODISSEI is excited for the future and hopes to continue growing by engaging in new collaborations within related fields.

This edition also illustrates how the Social Data Science Team (SoDa) can support researchers with their research and help them find suitable facilities for their research. It is important that all researchers find the right tools to make the most of their research. The SoDa team is available for any type of question regarding research.

Click on the button below to read the full E-data edition. This edition is written in Dutch.

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