ODISSEI Lunch Lecture: Research Data Acquisition on the Intersection between Economics and Criminology

On 22 March from 12.00 to 13.00 hours, dr. Marco Stam (Leiden University) will give a Lunch Lecture about Research Data Acquisition on the Intersection between Economics and Criminology.

We warmly invite you to attend this lecture, learn more about Research Data Acquisition and participate in the Q&A and discussion after the lecture.

About the Lunch Lecture

Through his participation in multiple research projects on the intersection between economics, criminology, and public health, Stam has been involved in the supplementation of data from Statistics Netherlands with microdata from diverse data sources. In this lunch lecture, he will discuss various data demands and challenges that researchers face in these domains.

The evaluation of causal effects of economic and criminal justice policies has greatly advanced due to the advent of econometric techniques to exploit natural experiments. Yet, evidence often remains scarce due to the many empirical challenges of such approaches. In addition to computational burdens, the largest hurdles are generally posed by data demands. These demands can be amplified in interdisciplinary research, where highly-detailed data are often required from institutions across
multiple domains. Statistics Netherlands has facilitated a great leap forward in meeting such demands, but many challenges remain. To advance research on these topics, various opportunities and challenges for ODISSEI to expand upon existing data provisions are identified.

About Dr. Marco Stam

Dr. Marco Stam is affiliated to the departments of Economics and Criminology at Leiden University as a postdoctoral researcher. His research mainly focuses on the effects of welfare and criminal justice policies on crime and economic outcomes. As a data scout for ODISSEI, he contributes to data acquisition from actors across the economic and criminal justice domains.

About the ODISSEI Lunch Lecture Series

The ODISSEI Lunch Lectures highlight methodological issues and innovations in Social Science.

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash