CBS – ODISSEI Microdata Meeting: Navigating complex administrative data

On Tuesday 8 March, from 12.00 to 13.00 hours, dr. Jan van der Laan and dr. Tom Emery will give a lecture on CBS Microdata. During the first CBS-ODISSEI Microdata Meeting researchers can learn more about working with the ‘A Persons Network (PN)’ microdata file, a data file describing the networks of the whole Dutch population. The CBS-ODISSEI Microdata Meetings feature innovative research and methodological developments using CBS microdata, to inform all those who are interested in conducting microdata research. You can read more about the lecture below.

Development of a persons network of the Dutch population
For the last few years, the methodology department together with the department ‘sociaal-economisch totaalbeeld’ have been developing a network covering the entire Dutch population. Using administrative data the following relations have been derived between persons: family relations, household relations, colleagues, class-mates and neighbours. In the presentation I will discuss how the network has been derived and how the relations are defined. Further, I will discuss future developments with the network. The goal is to have a regular publication on the development of segregation in The Netherlands.
Jan van der Laan

Conducting research with complex adminsitrative data
The extremely rich administrative data made available for research purposes by CBS offer an unprecedented possibility to study complex social phenomena. This data is highly interoperable and can be linked both to other administrative data files at CBS but also to external data sources. The Dutch population network file is an excellent example of complex linkages that are possible with the administrative data. In his presentation, Emery will offer a few pointers for how to work with the complex administrative data to fully capitalise on the richness of information it offers to researchers.
Tom Emery

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Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash