ODISSEI presents: Harmonising Access Procedures for Sensitive data at the FAIR Data Day

By the ODISSEI Portal Team

On Tuesday 29th of november the FAIR Data Day will take place in Utrecht. The topic of the day will be “Reusing data to advance science”. In light of this topic, the ODISSEI portal team submitted a session on “Harmonising Access Procedures for Sensitive Data”. 

During this session, we want to present work that ODISSEI has been doing in the context of the ODISSEI portal and its Access Broker that will in the future allow users to request access to datasets of which the metadata is collected in the ODISSEI portal

While Open Access datasets typically come with creative commons licences that specify under which conditions a dataset can be re-used, access requirements for sensitive datasets vary. Access is often only possible under strict conditions and licences and access procedures are much less standardised. 

In the session, we aim to discuss how existing procedures can be harmonised. Wim Hugo (DANS) and Jorik van Kemenade (SURF) will present a set of machine-readable licences developed in the context of ODISSEI which are designed to specify additional provisions that often apply to sensitive datasets. These provisions for instance include the verification of the user, their intent, and requirements around the use of secure analysis environments. 

We warmly invite data providers who hold sensitive data to join our session to share their experiences and procedures with us so we can evaluate whether the proposed licences are in line with the existing procedures within the social science community in the Netherlands. 

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Photo by Kaffeebart on Unsplash