Register for the SURF research week: 13 to 15 April

SURF is organising the national conference around research and ICT: the SURF research week. The 3-day online programme will take place on the afternoons of 13, 14 and 15 April. During sessions on data processing, research support, open science and much more, attendees will learn about the latest ICT services that can accelerate research. The programme also offers room to meet with researchers or connect with SURF partners.

LISS Grant awarded to nine researchers

The results of the LISS-call 2020 are in. Proposals from nine researchers at ODISSEI member organisations were awarded the grant. Via the grant, the researchers will get access to free panel time. The LISS panel, managed by CentERdata, gives researchers access to survey data from about 7,000 respondents from approximately 4,500 households.