ODISSEI Social Data Science Team (SoDa)

The ODISSEI Social Data Science (SoDa) team exists to support social scientists in their research projects. Researchers from ODISSEI member organisations can propose research projects for which our computational, statistical, and research engineering skills will help answer questions that would otherwise remain unanswered.

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Collaborate on a project

Please read about our principles below. Do you want to collaborate? You can contact us here.

Questions about data

If you have questions about your data, feel free to join the monthly Soda Data Drop-In (dates are given in the ODISSEI calendar).

What can we do together?

What are our principles?

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More information about our principles can be found here.

Past projects

We have contributed to a wide variety of research projects, ranging from the enrichment of geo-coded data with geographical features and preparing data from a housing platform for analyzing online search behaviour to creating synthetic versions of micro-data from Statistics Netherlands. An exhaustive list of projects that the SoDa team contributed to can be found.

Team members


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