Understanding and addressing the social impact of COVID-19 through Open Data Infrastructure

11th March 202114:00 (CET, Paris Time)

The OECD, in partnership with the Dutch Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations (ODISSEI), invites you to a webinar to learn about several outstanding examples of innovative uses of social data during the Covid-19 pandemic and discuss which potentially unanticipated barriers for data access and use became apparent during the crisis.

Recent advances in data collection and linking of different data sources have enormous potential for better evidence-based policymaking. This webinar is part of a workshop series on Social Data for Tomorrow.  The series’ first workshop was organised by the OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs with the support of the New Zealand Treasury, the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare and Accenture. It brought together data providers, researchers, policy makers and practitioners in lively discussions around the topic of Harnessing new social data for effective social policy and service delivery. Many OECD countries are currently creating data infrastructures that facilitate civil servants’ and researchers’ access to merged administrative data that can pave the way to targeted policy responses, more accurate policy evaluations and new policy-relevant insights. ODISSEI is one such infrastructure, which provides researchers with rapid access to administrative data and panels. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, data accessed through these infrastructures or from other sources have allowed quick insights into the impacts of the crisis on people’s health, social and economic well-being.

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14:00-14:45 – Innovative social data analysis during the Covid-19 pandemic 

Moderator: Monika Queisser, Senior Counsellor, OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs

Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, University of Bonn: Labour Supply during Lockdown and a “New Normal”

Serina Chang, Stanford University: Mobility network models of COVID-19 explain inequities

Isaac Delestre, Institute for Fiscal Studies:  Income protection policy during COVID-19

14:45-15:30 – Opportunities seized and missed in leveraging data infrastructures for policy-relevant insights during the Covid-19 pandemic

Moderator: Liisa-Maria Voipio Pulkki,  Director General for Strategic Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Pearl Dykstra, Director, Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations in the Netherlands

Kamel Gadouche, Director, Centre d’accès sécurisé distant aux données (CASD)


Amy O’Hara, Executive Director, Georgetown Federal Statistical Research Data Center

Banner Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash