Community Management

Community management is aimed at building and maintaining a sustainable ODISSEI collectivity. It is led by the Coordination Team based at EUR who have several responsibilities within ODISSEI to ensure smooth operations across the diverse range of activities. The first subtask will be the general administration of the project including financial and technical reporting, the administration of calls and the monitoring of progress. Being a community infrastructure, it is vital that ODISSEI actively monitors researchers’ needs as input for future directions and communicates what ODISSEI offers.

Community Managers will engage in various community development activities through regular face-to-face meetings as well as mailings, the website, social media, and the aforementioned ODISSEI annual conference. Community Managers are the first point of contact for researchers from member organisations turning to ODISSEI. Their job is to help researchers find their way in the infrastructure. Finally, Data Stewards will help researchers create FAIR data and execute ethical practices. Experts from DANS will develop and maintain the user agreement, which focus on data management, data sharing, research ethics, and the principles and practice of FAIR data. ODISSEI Data Stewards will provide support to researchers to implement the user agreement, in collaboration with the experts at DANS.

Project team Community ManagementEvgeniia Krichever (ODISSEI Coordination Team).