Historische Steekproef Nederland

The ODISSEI Roadmap project, which consists of four integrated work streams (Data Facility, Observatory, Laboratory and Hub), is reaching the phase where tasks are being finalized. Within the Observatory work stream, task 2.3: Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN) is now closed succesfully. To learn more about this task and its significance, you can read the task summary below or click button below to access the full end report on our ODISSEI Zenodo community page.


Task Summary

The Netherlands has two key databases to study of social inequalities across the life course and over generations: the Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN) for persons born in the Netherlands from 1812 till 1922, and the System of Social statistical Datasets (SSD) with register data on all current inhabitants. We aimed to establish a Proof of Concept linkage of the HSN and SSD, allowing for the historical life trajectories to be linked forward to contemporary outcomes. For the Proof of Concept we tested whether linkage could be established on the basis of the combination of three birth dates (ego, father, mother), date of marriage, and gender. We developed an initial linking strategy which we validated and refined based on non-unique links and deviating information between HSN and SSD.

Additionally, we established a link between the written (HSN) and coded (SSD) places of birth, andused this information in the validation process. The revised linking strategy results in linkage of 77% of the linkable HSN records. The stringent validation criteria of the linking steps and evaluation of the linked result appear to indicate that we provide a successful Proof of Concept for the linkage of the HSN and SSD as conducted by Statistics Netherlands.

Project team Historical Sample of the Netherlands: Richard Zijdeman (International Institute of Social History – Task leader), Leo van Toor (Statistics Netherlands), Jennifer Claij-Swart (Statistics Netherlands), Ruben van Gaalen (Statistics Netherlands), Rick Mourits (International Institute of Social History).
Questions regarding Historical Sample of the Netherlands? Contact info@odissei-data.nl.