Innovatieve Survey Experimenten

ODISSEI will strengthen and develop the LISS panel in several ways. Firstly, ODISSEI will provide an upgrade of the existing LISS panel through a panel refreshment of a further 1,000 households in the first, third, and fifth year of the project. This will increase the representativity of LISS and capture subpopulations that the current panel is not adequately resourced to capture. Secondly, ODISSEI will provide extensive space on the LISS panel for researchers at ODISSEI member organisations for the deployment of their own research designs and experiments.

This recently launched initiative is a hugely successful and inspiring element of ODISSEI. Researchers of any seniority can design their own survey research that is then deployed by the LISS technical team at CentERdata at no cost. These research projects are selected through an open call administered by the ODISSEI Coordination Team. Within the project, ODISSEI will grant space on LISS to between five to ten projects per year via open calls and will evaluate projects on the degree to which they integrate with and enhance the wider ODISSEI infrastructure through data linkage and enrichment. All collected data will be available to the entire academic community at no cost.

Project team Innovative Survey Experiments: Marcel Das (CentERdata – Task leader).

Questions regarding Innovative Survey Experiments? Contact Kasia Karpinska(ODISSEI Coordination Team).