The Laboratory will work on innovating data collection and survey infrastructures, novel data sources and analysis techniques, and developing new methodological standards. It provides researchers with controlled environments in which to run social experiments and develop and test new measurement methods. It also includes tools for engaging in citizen science, a platform for running web experiments, and a suite for the analysis of large-scale digitally available, textual data. The expansion of social scientists’ research repertoire will provide enormous opportunities for the exploration of contradictions and complementarities of ‘traditional’ and ‘novel’ data sets in the pursuit of understanding the pressing social questions of our time.

The Laboratory is a work stream in the ODISSEI Roadmap project. The other work streams are the Data FacilityObservatory, and Hub.

The Laboratory consists of five closely interrelated tasks:

  1. Distributed analytics techniques
  2. Automated data linkage
  3. Innovative Survey Experiments
  4. Mass Experiment Online Lab
  5. Citizen Science platform