A new round of the LISS call is open

In the LISS call, researchers at one of the ODISSEI member organisations can apply for free data collection through the LISS panel.

This panel, managed by CentERdata, consists of some 7,500 individuals from approximately 5,000 households. There is budget available for five projects with each a net response of 2,500 respondents and 15 minutes of panel time, which implies about 40 question items for simple (‘yes/no’) questions. In case more respondents are requested or needed, required panel time needs to be cut down.

Submitted proposals must:

  • be submitted via the online application form no later than 30 September 2020 23:59h;
  • be written in English;
  • contain name, address, affiliation and short CV of the researcher(s);
  • be specific about requested sample size, sample composition, desired timing of the fieldwork, repeated measurement (where applicable), etc.;
  • contain the research question and scientific motivation;
  • specify the content of the questions;
  • be checked for overlap in topics and questions with the existing LISS data.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 30 September 2020 23:59. More information can be found here.