Calls for Young Researchers: NKO & eScience Center

This month, two calls opened specifically for young researchers. The Nationaal Kiezersonderzoek (NKO) offers free space for the addition of questions to the panel and the Netherlands eScience Center offers an award of €50.000 for a novel research idea.


The NKO examines voter behaviour and election results in The Netherlands. With the next elections coming up March 17 2021, the NKO will take place between February and April 2021. Young researchers (PhD students, or graduated after October 25, 2015) can apply to add questions to the NKO panel. In total, 7,5 minutes of panel time will be divided between at least two awarded projects. The deadline for submitting a proposal is October 25. Please note: proposals should be submitted in Dutch.

Young eScientist Award

The Netherlands eScience Center is awarding the Young eScientist Award to a young scientist with a novel research idea requiring the development and use of state-of-the-art research software. The award consists of € 50,000 worth of expertise. eScience Center’s experts will help the award winner to turn his/her research idea into a collaborative eScience project. The call is open to researchers who have received their PhD within the past six years. The deadline for submitting a proposal is November 30.

Image: Ulrike Leone via Pixabay