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Partner announcements: SHARE, NKO and SURF

SHARE COVID-19 research data available 

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The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) developed a special questionnaire in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations associated with it. In this questionnaire respondents were asked about the effect of COVID-19 on health behaviour, mental health, changes in work and economic situation, and more. The data of this questionnaire is now available for download from the SHARE website. It is possible to link SHARE data with CBS microdata. ODISSEI finances SHARE in the Netherlands.

Nationaal Kiezersonderzoek (NKO) 2021

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With the Dutch elections coming up in March, the Nationaal Kiezersonderzoek (NKO) is well on its way. The NKO aims to understand voting behaviour and election results in The Netherlands and is made possible by financing through ODISSEI. This year, the NKO is taking place online. The respondents fill in a questionnaire both before and right after the elections. The data from the NKO will be made available in September. Later this year, ODISSEI opens a research grant call for projects that combine NKO and CBS microdata.

SURF Support4Research

SURF sends out a newsletter specific to research support: Support4Research News. In this newsletter, SURF shares events and announcements useful focused on ICT support for researchers, such as a webinar on supercomputing and an online event about the Research Cloud. The newsletter comes out about every six weeks. To subscribe to the Support4Resarch newsletter, you can email

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