Livestream and photos ODISSEI Community Conference 2021

On 18 November, the ODISSEI Community Conference took place. Both ODISSEI participants and anyone else interested in computational social sciences were welcomed at the conference at the Muntgebouw in Utrecht or via the online livestream. During this conference, attendees had the opportunity to meet ODISSEI users and builders and exchange their research ideas.

The conference started with a festive lunch, after which ODISSEI’s Scientific Director Pearl Dykstra opened the programme. Frank Pijpers (CBS and University of Amsterdam) gave the keynote, in which he explained the importance of connections between persons and connections between companies for national statistics. After Pijpers’ presentation, the program continued with three interactive sessions.

In the first session, ‘Computational Social Science Research Projects’, several research projects from participants of ODISSEI were discussed. Marike Knoef (Universiteit Leiden), Frank Takes (Universiteit Leiden en POPNET) and Bastian Ravesteijn (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en presented innovations in research made possible by the ODISSEI Secure Supercomputer (OSSC), LISS Panel and CBS Microdata or the new research infrastructure POPNET.

In the second session ‘Open Science with Secure Data’, data security in ‘Open Science’ was the focal point. Bas van der Klaauw (Free University) and Erik-Jan van Kesteren (Utrecht University and SoDa) discussed the problem of sharing research results that have been found in a secure environment with respondent Melanie Imming (Imming Impact). The speakers discussed new possibilities to make research in the social sciences more FAIR. In this interactive session, the speakers and the respondent brought the questions from the audience into a lively discussion about FAIR data.

The last session, ‘Linking Large Datasets in Social Science and Humanities’, focused on the relationship between the social sciences and the humanities, specifically linking Large Datasets in these fields. Speakers Rick Mourits (Radboud University) and Richard Zijdeman (IISH) discussed with respondent Suze Zijlstra (ODISSEI) how the social sciences and the humanities not only occasionally overlap, but could even support and reinforce each other’s research. Zijlstra brought the conversation and questions about the connection between social science and humanities together by referring to the possibilities of collaboration in research.

The pictures of the event can be found below.

You can watch the recording of the livestream by clicking the button below.

Photos ODISSEI Community Conference 2021

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Photos: MG Fotografie – Michel Groen

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