Call for SICSS-ODISSEI Summer School 2024 applications is open

From 17 to 28 June 2024, ODISSEI is hosting its third summer school at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, as part of the Summer Institutes in Computational Social Science (SICSS) and the Erasmus Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities (EGSH). With the summer school, ODISSEI aims to bring together PhD students, post-docs and early career social scientists and data scientists interested in computational social science using ODISSEI. Registration for summer school is open until the 28th of February 2024.

The programme of the SICSS-ODISSEI summer school is designed to familiarise participants with the ODISSEI Infrastructure through lectures, interactive work sessions and benchmarking challenge in computational social sciences. In the first week, participants will be introduced to the infrastructure and given courses in applied machine learning. In the second week, participants will form teams and compete in the benchmarking prediction competition that focuses on predicting fertility outcomes. This includes access to the administrative data and training on how to work with this data securely. This programme makes ODISSEI the only SICSS site that focuses on the use of large scale administrative data within its curriculum.

Vardan Barsegyan from the Research and Data Centre (WODC) and participant in SICSS- ODISSEI 2023 summer school shares: “The ODSSEI Summer School was one of the most useful workshops I ever participated in. In two weeks, I worked with wonderful and inspiring people, learned how to work with Python, mastered the machine learning methods and benchmarking principles, was able to work with extremely rich data of Statistic Netherlands, and got acquainted with other bits of the ODISSEI infrastructure. This was a truly inspiring experience, and I recommend others to join the programme next year.”

ODISSEI is the Dutch digital infrastructure for Social Sciences, with an active community of researchers who are currently working with and for ODISSEI facilities. SICSS participants will be welcomed into the existing community to allow them to connect and share their (research) ideas and problems. The course will be an accredited graduate school course by the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities covering 5 ECTS.   

Registration for SICSS-ODISSEI 2024 is open until the 28th of February. Follow the link below for more information and registration. 

Photo of SICSS-ODISSEI 2023 by MG Fotografie / Michel Groen