ODISSEI Lunch Lecture: Knowledge barriers and childcare usage among Dutch parents

On 21 April from 12.00 to 13.00 hours, dr. Verena Seibel (Utrecht University) will give a lunch lecture on Knowledge barriers and childcare usage among Dutch parents (abstract below). This research is based on a study that is conducted with an ODISSEI LISS grant that Seibel and dr. Mara Yerkes have received in 2020 for their project ‘From perceptions to behaviour? Examining knowledge barriers to formal childcare usage among Dutch parents’.

The ODISSEI Lunch Lectures highlight methodological issues and innovations in Social Science. We warmly invite you to attend this lecture, learn more about childcare usage among Dutch parents and participate in the Q&A and discussion after the lecture.

Online registration has closed, but you are still welcome to join by requesting the link via communications@odissei-data.nl.

About the Lunch Lecture

With her colleague Mara Yerkes (Utrecht University), Verena Seibel has collected data within the LISS panel on Dutch parents’ perceptions and knowledge of formal childcare, supported by the ODISSEI LISS panel grant for data collection. Research acknowledges that parents’ lack of ‘system knowledge’ is a crucial barrier for accessing formal childcare and can influence their perceptions of childcare accessibility. However, a concrete measurement of system knowledge is missing so far. Seibel and Yerkes therefore contribute to the field by developing new questions and collecting data on parents’ system knowledge, linking them to parents’ childcare perceptions.

In this talk, Seibel will discuss the motivation of this data collection and the process of the questionnaire development. Seibel will then present first results and discuss the methodological challenges they encountered such as how to measure knowledge. Last, but not least, Seibel will discuss how these measurements can be linked to other welfare domains such as healthcare. 

About Dr. Verena Seibel

Dr. Verena Seibel is an assistant professor at the department of Interdisciplinary Social Science and a research member of the European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations (ERCOMER) at Utrecht University. Seibel is interested in migrants’ integration processes and currently focuses on migrants’ attitudes and knowledge of the welfare state. 

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Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash