LISS Call 2021

In the LISS Call 2021, researchers affiliated with one of the ODISSEI member organisations can apply for free data collection through the LISS panel and for funding for a project that expands the LISS panel data with CBS microdata. 

The LISS panel, managed by CentERdata, consists of some 7,500 individuals from approximately 5,000 households. It is based on a true probability sample of households drawn from the population register in cooperation with  CBS. The call offers financing for four regular projects with each a net response of 2,500 respondents and fifteen minutes of panel time, which implies about 40 question items for simple (‘yes/no’) questions. In case more respondents are requested or needed, the required panel time needs to be cut down. In addition, there is funding available for one project that intends to combine LISS panel data with CBS microdata.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 23 September at 23:59 hours.

On 20 May, from 13-15 CE(S)T, ODISSEI and CentERdata will hold an information event for those who want to learn more about the LISS panel and those who consider applying for this year’s LISS grant. 

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