Presentations and photographs Community Conference 2019

The organisation looks back to a successful first edition of the ODISSEI Community Conference. On this page you will find the presentations and photographs.


  1. Pearl Dykstra – Introducing ODISSEI
  2. Maarten van Ham – Effects of spatial contextual characteristics on personal income
  3. Eveline de Zeeuw – A genome-wide association study of health care costs
  4. Jan van der Laan – Analysing social network Netherlands
  5. Erik Fledderus – Open Science
  6. Banu Aysolmaz – Understanding Concerns of Using Algorithmic Decision Making Systems
  7. Anouk Smeekes – Collective nostalgia and group dynamics
  8. Katya Ivanova – Suicidal acts in the Dutch context
  9. Kim Stienstra – Gene-environment interplay in education: the impact of school quality and tracking
  10. Perline Demange – Utilizing a natural experiment to investigate the effect of educational failure on mental health


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Photos: MG Fotografie – Michel Groen