The ODISSEI and ASReview Collaboration

Anyone who goes through the process of screening large amounts of texts such as scientific abstracts for a systematic review, knows how labor intensive this can be. With the rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the large amount of manual work can be reduced by software using active learning.

By using the open-source tool ASReview, published in Nature Machine Intelligence, you can not only save time, but you can also increase the quality of your screening process. Moreover, you can easily run simulation studies on labelled data testing the performance of many different models.

ASReview and ODISSEI’s Social Data Science Team (SoDa) cooperate to support researchers who want to use ASReview. 

Via the collaboration between ODISSEI and ASReview you can make use of the following services:

Learn how to use ASReview with ASReview Academy

In the ‘Getting Started’ workshop, you learn how to use ASReview. After following this workshop, you should have all the knowledge and skills to start your systematic screening process. The ‘Active Learning explained’ workshop gives you a look under the hood of ASReview. For example, how is it possible that machine learning is speeding up my review? This latter workshop has a different focus and builds on the first workshop. The simulation workshop is a special workshop that explains how to use the simulation and benchmark framework in ASReview. Participants learn how to simulate the time they could save based on existing fully labeled systematic reviews.

Join the Open-Science Community

Contribute to the development of ASReview by:

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Donate Your Data

If you are already done with your systematic review, you might want to consider:

  • To publish your data on a trusted repository so that you can obtain a DOI for your data;
  • To donate your data for research on the performance of AI-aided systematic review tools

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Got stuck?

If you are using ASReview and got stuck, first read our documentation, and if you cannot find the answer to your question, you can always contact us by filling in this form:

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