Historical Sample of the Netherlands

Data from the Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN) will be linked with the current Statistics Netherlands microdata and catalogued in the ODISSEI Portal (subtask 2.2b). This will enable links between the historical research conducted using the HSN and contemporary society and the outcomes studied by social scientists, enabling stronger links with CLARIAH. The HSN sample is based on the birth certificates from the period 1812-1922. To achieve the link with Statistics Netherlands microdata, all HSN research persons from the birth cohorts 1900-1922 (n=20,000) will be extended with the life courses of their children. Most of these children are born between 1925 and 1960. In total, ODISSEI will link at least four generations of families that lived in the Netherlands between 1850 and 2023. The linking will be done on the basis of the combination of the birth date of the person and his/her parents. A test proved that 85 to 90% of the persons from the second generation could be immediately linked to the Statistics Netherlands microdata. However, more extensive linkage procedures are necessary to resolve ambiguities (twins, double links) and errors including more variables in the procedure (e.g. names and partners). The linking of this data will create a meaningful infrastructural bridge between ODISSEI and CLARIAH and the resulting links will be findable via the ODISSEI Portal.

Project team HSN: Kees Mandemakers (IISG – Task leader).

Questions regarding Fieldwork coordination? Contact Tom Emery (ODISSEI Coordination Team).