ODISSEI (Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations) is the national research infrastructure for the social sciences in the Netherlands. ODISSEI brings together researchers with the necessary data, expertise and resources to conduct ground-breaking research and embrace the computational turn in social enquiry.

Through ODISSEI, researchers have access to large-scale, longitudinal data collections as well as innovative and diverse new forms of data. These can be linked to administrative data at Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Combining data from a wide range of sources enables researchers to answer new, exciting, interdisciplinary research questions and to investigate existing questions in novel, new ways.


Every scholar knows it's important to cite data.

But what are the main principles of data citation, how to apply this to the citation of Dutch administrative data via Statistics Netherlands (CBS), and how can the ODISSEI Portal help?

Find out here:

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ODISSEI Secure Supercomputer

In the ODISSEI Secure supercomputer (OSSC), researchers can analyse data from CBS in a secure way on SURF’s Snellius high-performance computing environment.

These are some recent projects:

Access Grants

ODISSEI offers several discounts and calls to employees of member organisations who use Microdata or the LISS panel.

Many projects were already funded via ODISSEI.

International collaborations


ODISSEI is financed by member organisations and is governed by a Supervisory Board and a Management Board.

Work streams

ODISSEI consists of four closely integrated work streams.