Unveiling SANE: Secure ANalysis Environment is now available for use

ODISSEI, in collaboration with SURF and CLARIAH, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new phase of SANE – Secure ANalysis Environment, a GDPR-compliant solution designed to provide a secure and controlled environment for researchers to analyse sensitive data. The secure environment is now available for use and awaits research projects requiring the usage of sensitive data from various fields.

Call for SICSS-ODISSEI Summer School 2024 applications is open

From 17 to 28 June 2024, ODISSEI is hosting its third summer school at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, as part of the Summer Institutes in Computational Social Science (SICSS) and the Erasmus Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities (EGSH). With the summer school, ODISSEI aims to bring together PhD students, post-docs and early career social scientists and data scientists interested in computational social science using ODISSEI. Registration for summer school is open until the 28th of February 2024.

CBS’ Person Network (PN) file: improvements, extensions and applications

CBS (Statistics Netherlands) developed the Person Network (PN), a file that describes networks of the entire population of the Netherlands in 2018. The potential networks of individuals are derived from administrative data (microdata) and contain five so-called network layers: family members, household members, neighbours, colleagues, and classmates. The first pilot for this work, focusing on the information over 2014, was developed earlier through the ODISSEI Secure Super Computer (OSSC). In collaboration with ODISSEI, the Person Network file 2018 was made available through CBS’ Remote Access environment.