Management Board

The Management Board (MB) is assigned by the Supervisory Board (SB). The MB meets approximately eight times a year and is responsible for ODISSEI’s daily management.

The Management Board consists of the following members:

Scientific director
Prof. dr. Pearl Dykstra
Full professor Emperical Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Netherlands Kinship Panel Study (NKPS)
Generations & Gender Programme (GGP)

Dr. Thomas Emery
Researcher, NIDI
Generations & Gender Programme (GGP)

Dr. Irene Nooren
Community Manager

Prof. dr. Marcel Das
Director CentERdata / Full professor Econometrics and Data collection Tilburg University
LISS panel
DNB Household Survey (DHS)

Dr. Ruurd Schoonhoven
Account manager
Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Lucas van der Meer MSc
Project manager (listener in the MB)