How ODISSEI can support your research grant application

ODISSEI aims to support social science researchers in the Netherlands in their grant applications, be it for NWO or on an European level. ‘If you are applying for a NWO, ERC grant or similar, you are welcome to get in touch to see how ODISSEI can further elevate your proposal. We can discuss which ODISSEI facilities could benefit your project and how you can include those facilities in the proposal,’ ODISSEI Scientific Manager Kasia Karpinska explains. The type of expertise ODISSEI offers spans from data linkages, data management and supercomputing, to support in applying computational methods.

With his plans to conduct innovative research with ODISSEI facilities, dr. Tom Emery has recently received an ERC Starting Grant: ‘ERC proposals are all about high risk, high gain projects that seek to break new ground. ODISSEI has allowed me to do that through new data, computing and tools which open up these new areas for research. The opportunities ODISSEI offers are unparalleled anywhere else so you know you have an empirical edge over applicants from elsewhere in Europe. Not only that, but the reviewers knew that ODISSEI includes high quality service providers in SURF, CBS and Centerdata who will ensure that researchers are supported, so an ambitious project is backed up with the technical know-how to implement it’.

Emery’s project aims to research and identify barriers to use formal childcare by low-income people. High quality childcare has a proven positive impact on later outcomes in life. Access to childcare is, however, distributed unevenly, which leads to inequalities later in life. While cost, location and quality of childcare all affect usage, policy solutions that aim to remove these barriers have so far not reduced inequalities in usage. 

By using linked administrative and survey data through the facilities that ODISSEI offers, a longitudinal study will be conducted to identify the role of networks in shaping childcare strategies. The project intends to investigate how the use of formal childcare differs among low income populations. Low income households more often depend on personal networks for their childcare. The rich datasets available in the Netherlands make it possible to identify barriers to using formal childcare. 

If you would like to learn more about the ways in which ODISSEI can help you further elevate your proposal, you are very welcome to get in touch.

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