Additional funding eScience Center and extended deadline for ODISSEI eScience Grant

Next to the Open ODISSEI eScience Center grant for free research software engineer (RSE) time, additional funding has been made available at the Netherlands eScience Center in the form of the recently opened SSI Grant. Social science researchers who require support to build research software or digital tooling to answer their research problem can now pick one of the two routes. 

If a project is a bit smaller in scale, they are welcome to apply for the ODISSEI eScience Center grant, which offers researchers affiliated with an ODISSEI member organisation three person months of research software engineer time. In total, 5 grants are available. If the project requires a much larger time investment, the researchers can apply for a Social Science Initiatives grant, which entails RSE support for nine months (with 6 grants available). 

In both tracks, the applicants can propose research that makes use and expands on the existing ODISSEI facilities. The eScience Center’s areas of expertise include AI technologies, data analytics (such as big data analytics, text analysis, and visualization), complex data processing, high-performance computing, and software development. 

The deadline for submission of proposals for either of the tracks has been aligned and set for October 14th, 14:00 (CEST). This means that the deadline for the Open ODISSEI eScience Center Call has been extended. 

Please visit the website or contact eScience Center ( or or ODISSEI’s Social Data Science team ( for more information and consultation on the most appropriate track. 

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Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash