CBS – ODISSEI Microdata Meeting – Energy Poverty in Figures

On 23 February, the next online Microdata Meeting will take place, with a presentation of Lydia Geijtenbeek (Statistics Netherlands) on ‘Energy Poverty in Figures’.
Statistics Netherlands has created a file that describes energy poverty in the Netherlands through 4 different indicators. During her presentation, Geijtenbeek will show how these data have been constructed, how they can be used for social research, and how the already available data can be used to estimate the current levels of energy poverty.

LISS panel information event

On 20 May, from 13:00 to 15:00, ODISSEI and CentERdata are organising an information event during which researchers can learn more about working with the LISS panel. During this afternoon, a variety of speakers will introduce the LISS panel and the research opportunities the panel offers. Two researchers will present their LISS research project, which were funded by the ODISSEI LISS grant.

ODISSEI Lunch Lecture: The European Social Survey (ESS)

On Thursday, 29 April, prof. dr. Aat Liefbroer (NIDI) and Tim Hanson (City University London) will present the European Social Survey (ESS) and the methodological and technical challenges it currently faces, both internationally and in the Netherlands. We warmly invite you to attend this lecture, learn more about the European Social Survey, and participate in the Q&A and discussion after the lecture.