The role of protective factors on parental well-being and mental health

Project in LISS Call 2018
Researcher: Mariƫlle Cloin (Tranzo, Tilburg University)

Being a parent for many men and women is a joyful yet challenging experience, imposing a unique mix of stress and rewards. Most parents report parenthood as a complex but positive experience. Much research is done on how risk factors, i.e. stressful conditions, effect the mental health and wellbeing, often focusing on specific groups, such as parents of children with disabilities, low-income families or for instance families exposed to domestic violence or maltreatment. However, very few studies have explored the role of protective factors (instead of risk) systematically. How do factors like social support and family resilience influence parental well-being and mental health?

The aim of this new study is to get a better understanding of the role of protective factors associated with parental well-being and mental health. Why do some parents respond positively to parental challenges and why do others not? In this study, all 836 LISS respondents with a youngest child up to the age of 12 will be addressed. For the analysis, the researchers will combine the obtained data with other available data from the LISS panel.

Image: Pixnio via CC0