Social Data Science Traineeship (SoDa Traineeship)

The ODISSEI Social Data Science (SoDa) team offers SoDa traineeships for early career social scientists (i.e., PhD candidates, early career postdocs, pre-PhD researchers who have finished their studies). Successful SoDa trainees will spend between 3-8 months full-time working on a social science research project they propose. During this time, they are members of the SoDa team at the Methodology & Statistics department of Utrecht University and mentored by one of the senior team members. 

Applicants can submit proposals for projects in the social sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, economics, behavioural science) for which a data science or data-related problem needs to be solved. Examples of such solutions could be writing a high-quality data analysis pipeline, performing a causal analysis with simulation-based robustness checks, creating a software package, or performing a geospatial, network, agent-based analysis, etc. The projects are welcome to use any other ODISSEI facility, if applicable, but this is optional. The traineeship is offered in a form of a rolling call for proposals which is open throughout the academic year. Please note that the traineeship is subject to availability. For more information on the conditions, please see the call for proposals.

Photo by Desola Lanre-Ologun on Unsplash