Building a FAIR Expertise Hub for the social sciences

It is increasingly common for researchers to rely on the use of data sets that were not originally intended for research purposes. These data sets often lack appropriate documentation and information about how they were created and are often less reliable. The project ‘Building a FAIR Expertise Hub for the social sciences’, which was recently awarded funding by the Platform Digitale Infrastructuur Social Science and Humanities (PDI-SSH), is aimed at targeting this issue by supporting the data providers in the social sciences in improving the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability (FAIRness) of their data.

“XR on Tour” by the SURF Open Innovation Lab

From April to June 2022 the SURF Open Innovation Lab is organizing “XR on Tour”, in which they will visit various events and institutions. The goal of the tour is to inspire and find potential new use(r)s of different forms of XR, to strengthen connections with existing XR hubs and local communities, and in general to promote XR as a technology that can be beneficial to research and education in The Netherlands.

First Aid for Data Questions: How SoDa can support researchers with the development of innovative applications

Dr. Minet de Wied, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University, understands the challenges of developing research methods and experiments like no other. In her research on empathy in children with behavioural disorders, she uses a multi-method approach and develops a tool to aid in the assessment of empathy in clinical forensic practices.