Secure ANalysis Environment (SANE): secure data for social sciences and humanities

Together with SURF and CLARIAH, ODISSEI is working on the creation of a secure analysis environment, a virtual container in which the researcher can analyse sensitive data, while the data owner retains full control. SANE ensures the safety of the data and limits the issues that can arise when sharing data. ODISSEI and CLARIAH will work together to ensure the user perspective within SANE.

The Secure ANalysis Environment

One of the issues that arise is social research, is that data providers are reluctant to share sensitive datasets with researchers. This is mostly due to the fact that data providers are not able to stay in control of sensitive data, when they let researchers analyse the data. As a result, many datasets are unused for research, despite the increase in data that is collected in society.

The Secure ANalysis Environment (SANE) proposes a solution to this issue. It shows an alternative way of sharing data, where researchers are able to run their analysis while the data providers stay in control. SANE is a virtual, fully shielded computing environment containing pre-approved analysis software (such as R and Jupyter notebooks) and access to the sensitive data. It allows the data provider to maintain complete control while still allowing the researcher to study the data in a convenient manner.

SANE awarded by the PDI-SSH Foundation

SANE has received funding from Platform Digital Infrastructure Social Sciences & Humanities (PDI-SSH). SANE is a project that can be used by any researcher, any data provider and most importantly: within any discipline. SANE will contribute to the work of social scientists (via ODISSEI) as well as researchers from the humanities (via CLARIAH). ODISSEI is the project’s initiator and coordinator. 

You can read more about SANE by clicking on the button below, or you can download the full SANE proposal here.

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