Microdata access

In 2019, ODISSEI continues making funds available for employees of member organisations using CBS Microdata. ODISSEI has two Microdata programs, both of which are described in the guidelines (on the right):

Microdata Access Discount (MAD)

Via the Microdata Access Discount, employees of all member organisations can get a discount of up to 50% on their CBS Microdata projects. A condition is that projects should be financed via the first or second stream, or similar. Download the full guidelines.

The following page displays projects that receive or have received discount.

Microdata Access Grant (MAG)

The Microdata Access Grant provides free access to CBS Microdata for five researchers working at an ODISSEI member organisations. For each round, researchers are invited to submit a proposal. Download the full guidelines.

In 2019, five projects were awarded free access to CBS Microdata. There were 24 applications, suggesting great interest in this data collection method. The committee that evaluated the 2019 applications consisted of the following members: Govert Bijwaard (NIDI), Didier Fouarge (Maastricht University), Maarten van Ham (TU Delft), Catrien Bijleveld (NSCR), Herman van de Werfhorst (UvA), and Jan van Ours (EUR).