ODISSEI Lunchlezing over ASReview: Saving Time and Energy for Systematic Reviewing

Op dinsdag 30 maart van 12-13 in de middag geeft prof. dr. Rens van de Schoot, hoogleraar statistiek aan de Universiteit Utrecht, een presentatie over de open-source tool ASReview. Deze tool kan onderzoekers helpen om sneller relevante literatuur te vinden en hun zoekproces te verbeteren.

We nodigen je van harte uit om deze online lezing bij te wonen en meer over de ontwikkeling van ASReview en de manieren waarop onderzoekers deze tool kunnen gebruiken te weten te komen. Na de lezing is er ruimte voor vragen en discussie. Lees het volledige abstract hieronder (Engels).

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Abstract: ‘ASReview: Saving Time and Energy for Systematic Review’

In this ODISSEI Lunch Lecture, prof. dr. Rens van de Schoot, professor of statistics at Utrecht University, will present on the open-source tool ASReview that a multidisciplinary team at Utrecht University has developed. This tool is created to reduce the enormous amount of manual work that is usually involved in screening a large number of texts. With the ASReview tool, published in Nature Machine Intelligence, researchers can not only save time, but can also increase the quality of their screening process. Moreover, it is possible to easily run simulation studies on labelled data testing the performance of many different models. Researchers can now use ASReview for their own systematic literature review. 

During this lecture Van de Schoot will discuss how ASReview works through an active learning cycle, which greatly improves the quality of one’s search results. Furthermore, he will present how the team has developed the tool’s software, the challenges they encountered during development, the simulations they have run to test the quality of the research results, and the way in which they have guaranteed that data ownership remains safely in the user’s hands. Currently, the team is investigating how they can further improve ASReview, by assessing which machine learning models can best be used for a particular type of text.  

ASReview and ODISSEI’s Social Data Science Team (SoDa) have recently started to cooperate to support researchers who want to use ASReview. At this lecture, attendees will hear more about the possibilities this cooperation offers.

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